Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Disney Day 6

Okay, sorry for the delay. We had company and they company fall-out. Now, back to your regularly scheduled Disney Day.


June 18, 2009

After such a long day yesterday, I think we really needed a day off. However, looking at all the Disney planning information I had, I knew that if we didn't get back to Disney Studios this morning, we weren't going to get there. We still had a couple of things to do there that were tops on the kids list. However, it's the closest park to where we stayed, so we didn't have to leave super early. Giving them about 15 minutes before we left, we woke the kids, dressed them, fed them and slathered them with sunscreen. We were ready to go, only Micah was ready too. He came around the corner, dressed for a day in the parks, carrying his Nuk, Bear and Blankie. This was a bad sign. ( And I seriously wish as had taken a picture of this.)

We made it to Studios in time for the rope drop, something we had been advised to do and hurried to the back of the park to get our Fast Pass for Toy Story Mania. Apparently, everyone else in the park got the same advise. So Hannah, Micah and I picked a bench to hang out at and let Daddy and Jason get the pass. Forty minutes later they returned with a pass for 11:50am. Again, another bad sign.

Fast pass secured for later, we headed over to catch the Voyage of the Little Mermaid. It was cute and Hannah LOVED getting to see her favorite mermaid. Across the plaza was Playhouse Disney, but it was so hot, we decided to see the Art of Disney Animation until the next show time. This was cute and I was really encouraged because our "host" was a woman with disabilities. In my previous trips to Disney, most of the cast members were made up of young college students and the like. This trip we saw many senior citizens and now someone with obvious disabilities. Way Cool.

After the "show," we wandered through the animation gallery. The last time I was here, there were animator actively drawing Pocahontas. Seriously cool stuff. Times have changed though and now the rooms are simply displays of animation desks and such, despite my disappoint at seething this, the best was yet to come. Rounding the corner, there stood Sorcerer Mickey!

I think the video pretty much covers the coolness of the moment. Really? Mickey and Micah! Can it get any cuter?

Once done here, we headed out find out we missed Playhouse Disney. No problem. We have cute photos of our kids with the Mouse. We decided to head back towards Toy Story Mania and the wear and tear of the morning was starting to show. Micah was seriously whiny and tired, Hannah started wilting and Jason adopted that preteen attitude we all know and love. A quick stop in Narnia, our Fast Pass time was here.

Okay, let me just say that Toy Story Mania is AWESOME! Once inside, you see that you are now "toy sized." Surrounded by giant crayons, jacks and game pieces, you work your way to the loading area. Here we had a slight mishap and Hannah slipped walking down the stairs. I caught her, but it gave her an awful fright. The cast member let us sit off to the side for a few minutes until she was okay, all while checking on us often. Soon the tears dried and the call of the ride was too strong. We were off.

The ride itself looks at first to be a little lame. You don your 3D glasses, sit in your "bed" and are whisked around the corned to see...a giant TV screen. Huh? Then you realize that "gun" in front of you shoots 3D objects at the screen and you score points based on how many you hit. The console in front of you keeps score and you fly from one screen ot the next. Each with a different theme, each with new challenges. EVERYONE loved this ride. So much so, that gettng off was a major problem.

It was here that we decided they had enough. It was lunch time and we were all hot, tired and sweaty. We headed back home too cool down, get some lunch and nap. Our plan was to come back in the evening if they were up to it or maybe hit the pool. As it turns out, we were saved the rain and took the kids to see a movie instead.

UP was playing and we LOVE Pixar films. This was Micah's first movie at the theaters and as he put it "Daddy. I like this TV."

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