Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winter Wonderland

We got hammered. Yep, my guess is we have 12-14 inches on the ground. And it's beautiful, moist packing snow good for snow men, snow forts and snow ball fights. The kids were out last night in the heart of the storm and then again this afternoon for over 2 hours each time. It's great exercise especially since driveways needed to be cleared 2-3 times.
Here's a few shots of all the fun we had today.

A view out the back...

And the front, pre-shoveling.

Daddy and the kids building a mini-sledding hill since we couldn't get off our street this morning.




Hannah got the first ride since she worked the longest at building the hill.

Micah thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Jason was just looking for some speed.


No, he's not stuck to the tree, he's eating the snow that was blown to the trunk.  To each their own.
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Corey said...

HA! Love that last pic! (My kids eat snow from all kinds of disgusting places that make that tree look downright yummy.)

Jenny said...

What I love is the boy rejects most food, yet eats snow off a tree...go figure!