Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dear World,

I am writing this to clear up a few things.

My son is a remarkable, bright and gifted young man. He has triumphed over more things in his short life than the majority of the people I know ever will. We made the decision to send him to his new school this year because it was the best place for him.

My son has learning differences that made teaching him in a typical learning environment a challenge. He had some good teachers who went above and beyond at his public school. He had others that shoved him to the side and fed him answers to make it look like he was learning and improve their test scores. Because of these teachers, my son began to believe he was dumb.

He deserved better than that.

His new school is designed to teach kids just like my son. Kids who are smart, but learn differently and therefore can't learn in their public school. In fact, you have to be smart to get into this school. They don't take kids who can't be taught. They take kids who are "unteachable" by public education standards.

At my son's school, he is learning that he is smart. He is doing at least grade level work in most subjects and quickly catching up in those his isn't. He isn't the different one in the class, he's the norm. He is making friends, playing sports and loving life. He is happy.

So, World, when you stop and ask me about my son or his school, please do not think that he is "dumb" or "severe" or "slow." Do not patronize me because you feel bad that my son can't go to school with his neighborhood friends. Do not think of him as anything other than what he is, amazing.

His very proud mom

PS - I'll blog about Thanksgiving later. I just had to get that off my chest.


Corey said...

Amen. My daughter (who also has learning disabilities) went to a school for kids with learning disabilities for a couple of years, and it is the best thing we ever could have done for her. I wish every child who learns differently could have that opportunity.. ESPECIALLY early on, so that they KNOW that they are smart, and they just need to get the information in a different way. (I also wish she could still be there.)

Anonymous said...

So well written, Jen! So happy he is getting his chance to shine and flourish. You are so right in how much he has overcome and keeps pressing on. Courage most of us will never muster. Go, Jason!
Laurie Malony