Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Insanity...an example

One of my friends who hasn't adopted a hurt child, was trying to understand just what I may mean by "Christmas Insanity."

Here's just a recent example....

On Sunday, we drove to Kent to visit an old friend of mine and her family. Jasons behavior was, quite frankly, surprisingly excellent. He was an appropriately rambuncheous, engaging, fun child to be with. Even his OCD has a moment to shine when he took time sort some of there toys. All and all an excellent start to the holiday break.

On Monday, however, I had to spend the day with my mom at the hospital with my dad. Our annual visit see Santa was postponed to later than evening and Daddy was in charge at home.

So, my beautiful, fun, usually solid headed 9yo decided to paint his carpet with model paint then calmly tell me about it when he was eating his dinner as we waited in line to see Santa. Sigh.

See what I mean.


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