Saturday, December 20, 2008

Video Game Blues


I hate it when this happens.

Jason has been shifty and sneaky for a couple of days now.

He keeps disappearing to his room.

He's jumpier than normal, even for the time of the year.

My mom-sense was going off big time.

So, after giving him several chances to tell us what was going on, I sat in his room and pushed the issue...

...and Jason presented me with Andy's Nintendo DS that was hidden in the stuffed animals on his bed. On his own and well before I even threatened him with a search.

He's very sorry. Lately, we get a lot of genuine remorse when he makes mistakes, but that doesn't make this any easier. He has had an ongoing problem with handhelds which is why the DS is Andy's. He lost his Gameboy for a similar crime when we had already taken it away for overuse.

He's getting a DIDj for Christmas from my mom, but now I wonder if it's a good idea since he started this again.

Why can't this every be easy?

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