Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Some things are really hard

Yesterday, while doing laundry, a Canadian dollar bill fell out of Jason's pants. It didn't take long to figure out that this wasn't ours nor had it been given to him. At first he said he found it. Then he said someone gave it to him. Then he said he took it from a teacher's desk. A quick email disproved that one and after talking to his homeroom teacher, I ended up having to turn it over to the principal.

Mrs. Fox is fair and kind and hopefully she will be able to get the truth from him where I have failed to.

Still, I had to turn my own son in.

And that really hurt.

A lot.

I know it's better to deal with this now than when he's older, but it still makes me feel like dirt to be the one who did it.

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Dr. Stephen Trudeau said...

Doing the right thing is often the harder choice. However, the benefits last much longer than the pain. Your choice was to take a "teachable moment" and maximize it's power. Good for you. Parenting is a much harder than the original job description!

Dr. Stephen Trudeau
Author of The Special Needs of Parenting