Friday, November 20, 2009


Hannah decided to give me a real scare this afternoon.  She couldn't get her 5yo shots at her physical because of being sick.  Since then we have rescheduled it 2 times and I was making it today gosh-darn-it!

To Hannah, this was a very important day.  She calls these her "kindergarten shots" because she knows she has to have them before she can go.  I think she gets now that she isn't going until next year, but I also think she is holding out hope that we are wrong, will recognize what she believes is a grievous mistake and enroll her on Monday.  Needless to day, these shots are a big deal.

To start, she was very, very brave.  She did little more than squeak for the first one and then laughed that the second did not hurt.  The third however did hurt and she fought to not cry.  I told her she could cry, she didn't and I hugged her saying what an awesome kid I have.  Then Hannah, Micah and I bundled up again and made our way out to the elevator.

Our pediatrician is on the 2nd floor or a 2 story building, yet we ALWAYS take an elevator.  Why?  Because my kids LOVE TO PUSH THE BUTTONS.  They are physically fit kids who run up and down everywhere so I don't feel guilty about them riding the elavator. (I, however, should be walking.)

So, we get on the elevator and I am asking Hannah is she feels up to going to preschool.  I was giving her an out since sometimes she is a bit tired after her shots.  The elevator started down and she didn't answer, but instead just tipped her head back.

The she slumped a bit.

Then she banged her head on the side of the elevator and collapsed.

I freaked.

She was non-responsive and a bit stiff so I scooped her up and ran up those stairs we have just avoided.  A very nice lady in the elevator help corral Micah to follow as he yelled.  "I comin' Mama!  Hannah okay!  I comin'!" He grabbed her stuffed Hippo and she my purse as I just ran.

Someone, I don't know who, opened the door to the office for me as I continued to try and get my baby to come to.

She still wasn't moving.  Or blinking.  Or anything.

I was screaming and crying by now as I barreled to the back of the office through the sick room and yelled for help.

A nurse scooped her from my arms and another doctor from our practice immediately took her into an exam room.

By the time she reached the table, she was coming to.  (My guess is she was out for maybe 5 seconds tops even though it felt like 5 minutes.)

They started oxygen and the doctor asked for her chart and started listening to her heart.  Micah was there by now and telling everyone "Hannah, you okay!  Hannah okay!"  I was crying and Hannah was just calmly answering everyone's questions.

It turns out that she fainted.  Granted, it was dramatic, but she was okay.  Her heart and oxygen levels were just fine and although she was a bit shaky afterwards, she was going to be just "okay".  We hung out for a few minutes while she felt better before leaving.  Obviously, she wasn't going to school now, so we went home, had lunch and the three of us took naps.

It took me a bit longer to stop shaking myself.  Adrenaline does that to you.  I just pray I never, ever see one of my kids like that again.  Ever.

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