Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Random Bits of Nothing

Just another collection of the randomness of our lives...


During a conversation yesterday about using kind words with her friends, I asked Hannah what kind of heart she had.  She'd been a bit snarky with her friends, and wouldn't clean up the toys when we all headed in for the night.

Her reply was to burst tears and say, "I have a Jesus heart!"

I didn't feel the need to say anything else as she seemed to have it covered at that point.  So I just hugged here tight and tried not to cry myself.

Micah's sensory seeking self has taken a recent swing.  He's been avoiding stuff and has even thrown up when asked to touch certain foods to his tongue.  Mealtimes have become the stuff of nightmares and I have been at a complete loss.

Last night, we gave him "safe" foods on a divided plate.  He did have the same veggies as us, although he were raw.  No tears.  No screaming.  I actually enjoyed dinner for the first time in weeks.  YEAH!


Jason came home sick today.  When I took him to school this morning, he said his stomach hurt, but he had no fever or any other symptom and a big test.  I felt the test may have been reason for the stomach so I opted to send him.

At 9:30 they called because he was lethargic and had thrown up.

Looks like I was wrong.  I don't think this is the same bug from the weekend, which is worrying since I AM TIRED OF SICK PEOPLE!!!

After a long nap this afternoon he is cuddled on the couch holding the infamous bucket and watching Spy Kids with Micah.

We finally finished moving the old computer desk to the garage and listed it on Craigslist.  This also involved a cleaning out of the back room.

My once organized garage is once again filled with stuff to be donated or sold and large piles of cardboard for recycling.   I'm hoping I can get it all out of here this weekend.


I do NOT like daylight savings time.  Yes, the kids may get up earlier, but I love my evenings outside with them.  When it is DARK at 6pm, it's hard to foster that neighborly feeling we've been working on.

Looks like we need to move some wood out front to the fire pit if we're going to be out after dinner anymore.


If you live in Ohio, it's a voting day.  In addition to several statewide constitutional issues, our school district has a major levy on the ballot that will change the shape of our district if it fails.

Hannah and I hit the polls early (before Jason came home), and she really enjoyed pushing the buttons.

If you haven't already, head to the polls!

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