Monday, November 9, 2009


We learned last years during Jason's neuropsych evaluation that he has an underdeveloped left hemisphere in his brain.  Logic, mathematics and language are amongst the many functions of the left brain.  The doctor said this is why he struggles so hard with math concepts and other things.  

To be blunt, Jason has a very poor understanding of time, money and is still working on learning his basic addition facts.  We've been doing these since he was 6 and while he is fast at finger counting, he still can't pull 3+4=7 from his memory.

Why am I telling you this?

Tonight in the van, Hannah was doing basic addition on her fingers. It's a new skill for her and she's learning it fast.  She'd call out "4+4=8" and "3+6=9" with ease.  This was KILLING Jason.  He started competing with her and we had to quickly put a stop to that.  Then, out of nowhere, Jason says this.

"8 times 8 is 64"


We asked him to repeat it and he did.  Then he started calling out more and more multiplication problems.  All from memory in the dark back seat of the van.  We were floored.  I started smiling, then just burst into tears of joy.  What an amazing blessing God has given him!

It turns out his Intervention Specialist is using a new curriculum to teach Jason math and it's working.  All night he has been spouting out multiplication facts at me.  You can only imagine how very proud and excited we are.

My son is doing math we didn't know if he'd be able to do for years.


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