Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You Can Lead a Horse to Water

My son.  I love him.  I would die for him.  But right now, he is infuriating me to the point of madness.

All week, he has "forgotten" his homework, despite it being written down in his planner and sitting a top the planner on his desk.

Since conferences, he has been surly and out to prove he is not the boy the school claims he is.

On Friday, he carved a 12 inch long gash in his wall.

He's been sneaking and lying and just a downright pain-in-the-butt since before we left for our trip.

And today...

I got a note from the teacher saying he is playing tag extremely roughly (which translates to knocking kids down) and is also SPITTING ON HIS HANDS while he plays and tags people ALL WEEK LONG.


We have gone to such extreme lengths for him to keep him where he is in school.  He has more interventions than I have every seen a kid get and the staff is bending over backwards to help him succeed in school.

So he decides its a good idea to pull this stuff?

I know in my heart that there is a reason behind all of this.  The problem is it may take us a while to figure it out since his standard response these days is to lie or throw a fit.  Add to that the alphabet soup of diagnoses and who knows what is going on.

I seriously thought we were past all of this and doing better.

Guess I was wrong.


Jensboys said...

I just wanted you to know I understand. I think we share a kid.

For us, I realized alot of the triggers are seasonal. Could that be going on with J? The combination of being really "in" school, as well as the start of Christmas and all those expectations and emotions?

No solutions, just lots of support.

Jenny said...

It is uncanny how alike they are.

I do wonder if some of it is the holidays and the fact that he is settled in at school. It can also be knowing that Andy and I went away for a weekend and all the stuff going on with Micah right now. He did share last night that he is having trouble with some kids at school so that is a part of it too.

It doesn't appear to be one thing, but the culmination of life. We'll manage but it makes me worry for the future.