Sunday, November 1, 2009

It Came From the Golden Arches

[Warning: Do NOT read if you have a sensitive stomach.]

We are never going to a McDonald's Playplace again.  In desperation of our busy schedule, we went there for dinner Tuesday night.  Things were fine Wednesday.  Sometime in the middle of the night Thursday, Micah needed changed.  At this point, we thought it was simply from too much candy Trick-or-Treating.  Friday, he had another blow out at school and felt warm when I picked him up.

Another blow-out during lunch confirmed my worst fear...Rotavirus.

If you don't know what this is then consider yourself blessed.  Those who do know of the horrors that lay in store.

A quick temperature check confirmed that both Micah and Hannah had low grade fevers.  Throughout the afternoon and evening, Micah's poor body continues to fight the good fight while Mommy continued to change diapers, do laundry and apply diaper cream.  Nothing I have seen tears up a bottom quite like this virus.  Hannah was simply a bit lethargic, but no other symptoms appeared.

Friday night was the stuff nightmares are made of.  Around 11:30pm, Hannah came in saying her tummy hurt.  We put her on the potty, but as a precaution, I grabbed our puke-bowl from under the sink.  (Yes we have one.  After it's initial use years ago I couldn't ever see myself storing food in that Rubbermaid container again.)  I'm glad I did too.  It turned out the virus was going to manifest itself opposite of how it did in Micah and poor Hannah started vomiting.  I lost count of how many times we were up with her last night, but I know she missed the bowl and the toilet at least 3 rounds.  Sometime around 6am the last round happened and my baby girl was able to drift off to a fretful sleep.

Unfortunately, I was getting sick by now.  Andy let me sleep and I emerged late in the morning.  The kids were doing better, although still feeling yucky.  The went down for naps easily at Noon and slept till 4pm.  Jason was bored to death most of the afternoon, because mom and dad just aren't cool to hang with and his siblings are his primary playmates.

Evening was better and although I was in the throws of it, the two little kids were feeling better.  I also felt well enough to count back to when we got this.  Incubation time matches out trip to MickeyDs.  Drive-thru it will be then.  Everyone in bed by 9pm and a good nights sleep ahead of us, I figured we had beat this thing.

Until a few minutes ago.

Jason has it now.  (And I want to point out that a dramatic, anxious sick 10yo is no piece of cake.)

Looks like Andy is going solo to church this morning.

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