Saturday, November 28, 2009

NyQuil Ramblings

I have a cold.

A bad one.

The same one that Micah had last weekend which I described to people as a "faucet of snot"

The one that lead to yet ANOTHER round of antibiotics for him and his ears.

Thankfully, our ears are something we don't have a like so hopefully this will remain just a cold.

Still, I'm miserable and it's a long holiday weekend.


Anyway, Thanksgiving was fun.  We spent the day with my folks and my brother.  It was a lot of good food and fun.  I remembered to put batteries in my camera, but then forgot to take pictures.  Colds are great things.

Micah is continuing his potty-training quest.  He's really doing a great job.  Granted at this point it's mostly me and not as much him, but I did notice him starting to try and hold it if he had to go today.  It gave me time to get him to the potty and we managed to stay dry all day.  Our number 2 training hit a bit of a snag Thanksgiving morning because of the antibiotics he's on.  (GROSS)  Thankfully, our pediatrician is now my Facebook friend and she reminded me to get him started on Florastor.  No more accidents like that.

Jason is still struggling.  Things are hard for him right now and with all the added attention Micah is getting, it's making it worse.  Hopefully, when he helps Andy split the wood tomorrow, he'll either work off some of his anger or at least talk to his dad about it.

Hannah is just Hannah.  She's been a great help to me the past few days while I haven't felt well and is being really encouraging to Micah in his potty training.  She's also playing around with lots of math stuff now.  Believe it or not, but she's been working on addition facts with Jason.  Everyday she surprises me even more.

I did NOT go out for Black Friday.  I made the decision this year that my sanity was more important and have done nearly all my Christmas shopping on line.  In fact, I'm 90% done.  Just a few more click on the mouse and the rest should be on it's way soon.  It helps that we have a fairly low key holiday as it is. The kids get one Santa gift, two from us and then a small assortment of art supplies, books and board games.  We overwhelmed Jason and then Hannah those first couple of years that we have really learned our lesson in that regard.  And this year, the kids are helping me clean out some stuff they don't play with anymore for kids who aren't as fortunate as they are.

So, as I'm sure you've noticed, this cold isn't just affecting my ability to breathe, but also my ability to think.  Thus the delay in posting.

And now the NyQuil has kicked in, so good night all.

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Corey said...

Hey! I gave you a blog award! Because I miss you! Come back!