Monday, October 26, 2009

Big Meeting

I am having a big IEP meeting at the school this afternoon, and I am freaking out.

I can sit here and KNOW that what I am asking for is reasonable and appropriate, but I have this lingering fear that I have a fight on my hands.

In truth, the only fight our school has ever given me was when Jason was 5 and leaving preschool for kindergarten.  They denied his IEP at the time because he had met his goals and showed no indication that he needed on.  However, two years later when they qualified him again at the end of first grade the school psychologist admitted it was a mistake based on history.  In those 2 years though I learned a LOT about my son, how he learns and my rights as a parent in public schools.  I wasn't as easily pushed aside, and honestly, by that time, it was obvious that something was wrong.

Still, I asking for a Change of Placement this time.  I eluded in an earlier post that had visited a special needs classroom in another elementary and was very encouraged.  After talking it over with Andy and exchanging e-mails with his intervention specialist and principal, we decided that this classroom would be very beneficial for Jason.  It is set up almost exactly like a classroom I would design for him if I could.  and I loved the teacher.  I also think the his intervention specialist and principal agree with me.  But they are only part of the team, thus the fear.

Should this happen (which we are very hopeful it will), Jason will likely start next Monday.  He'll go from being driven to school every day, to taking a bus. (It's not far, just a couple miles away.)  The building is an older design so the lay out is different.  Obviously, it will be all new kids and teachers.  But we'll have a nearly all new team with the exception of the school psychologist.  I LOVE our current school and the team we work with now.  We've had a few bumps along the way, but we all come to the table understand who, at the heart, Jason is and we work in his best interest.  Talking with other parents, this is not always the case.

This will likely be a rough meeting for me and a rough transition for Jason.  Andy usually goes to the big meetings with me, but instead is taking Jason to a therapist appointment.  We didn't want to miss it so they could talk about the coming changes and how to help Jason through them.

The positives certainly out weigh the negatives here and I have a good case for getting it.  I just worry.

I'll post again later and let everyone know how it went.

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Gina Cooper said...

Keep us updated. Praying for you!