Friday, October 16, 2009

Random Bits of Nothing

The kids had the day off today.  Our plans for friends and errands hit a snag when Jason and Hannah could not seem to finish their chores. I love that they have so much fun together, but they need to do their work first.  Micah got a pass since he woke up still running a fever.  He spent the day relaxing, napping and giving his body a chance to fight the infection.  Thankfully, the fever was gone after his nap.  However, the day ended with a none to happy Mommy sending them back to their rooms to clean while Daddy played Wii with Micah after dinner.

I'm still trying to dig out of the laundry backlog created when we all had the flu.  So far a bunch of it is clean, but still needs folded.  Mt. St. Laundry is towering next to me as I type this.  Obviously I'm really motivated to fold.

This weekend promises to be busy.  Both Hannah and Jason have their final soccer games tomorrow.  It will be cold, but hopefully not wet.  Last week Micah got to sub in Hannah's game because they didn't have enough kids.  I think I'll dress him appropriately just in case.

We also have the Fall Festival at church.  I'm helping with set-up and Andy is playing guitar at the bonfire.  We are entering the Chili Cook-off as well.  Last year Andy won the "Strangest Chili" category with his Verde Chicken Chili.  I think this year he's going for the hottest although he hasn't come up with a name.

Lastly, I am on my annual "Prepare for Winter" mission with the kids.   The kids will have to try on their boots and snow gear and we'll gather all the hats and gloves. I've already bought the boys new coats as they both outgrew them last year, but I don't know if there are any other major pieces we will need.  Also, Target has stretch gloves and knit hats for $1.  I think Ill grab a couple sets as back-up because I always have a kid in late March with only one glove and by then the stores have switched to bikinis.

Oh, and Andy and I are looking to replace my defunct computer soon.  I'm sure I'll be inundated with the technical aspects of various Macs, but as long as I have something working with my photos on it in the end, I'll be happy.

In all, it looks to be a full weekend.

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