Sunday, October 25, 2009

Soccer Recap - Jason

Jason's soccer season ended yesterday.  In all it was a good year and he had a BLAST.

This was the first year since he was 7 that he has ben able to play. You see, soccer is a seriously competitive sport in our area and kids (and parents) don't take to kindly to kids who just want to have fun and are a little different.  The final straw in first grade was when he kicked the ball the wrong direction allowing the other team to score and a kid on his team (who we'd known for years) decided it was okay to shove Jason to the ground and yelled at him.  The coach and other parents did nothing.  In fact, parents on both teams were making comments. We left and he hadn't played since.

Until this year that is.  A friend of ours told us about a special needs soccer league in our area.  It's for ANY special need; be it physical, neurological or emotional.  TOPSoccer gave Jason a chance to play a game he really enjoyed, but just couldn't handle in the regular leagues.  They team the kids up with buddie who help them throughout the practice and game.  The buddies are kids from the local high school soccer teams and they are extremely good with the kids and the variety of disabilities that came.  Sports are HARD for kids with specials needs and there are very few out there for special kids to play.   it's encouraging to see leagues like these start up.

Jason had fun and learned to love a sport again.  He got to run, shoot and score!  Although his favorite position was goalie.  He's really good at stopping the ball.  (I think he just liked to dive on the ball.) We're really looking forward to doing it all again in the spring.


Jason spent a lot of time in goal.

Jason and his buddy Paul showing off their trophies.

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