Saturday, October 17, 2009

Soccer Recap - Hannah

Today was the final game for Hannah's first soccer season.  Watching Hannah play is such a joy.  She has a smile on her face the whole time and whether they win or lose, she still has fun.  I think it probably helps that she is the scorer extraordinaire for the group.

It's been really neat to see her pick up some skills while she plays her first season.  At this level, the kids sort of move in a pack chasing the ball around the field.  The games are usually played 4 on 4 although the coaches can change that depending on how deep their bench is.  At the first game, Hannah stuck to the pack, but showed everyone how fast she was with a couple of breakaways, scoring 3 times.  By today's came, she was stripping the ball from her opponents and cutting then off as they approached the goal and keeping clear of the pack. Not bad for only having played 5 games in her first season.

It was bitter cold this morning and we bundled her up sufficiently.  Unfortunately, we didn't realize just how cold it gets standing on the sidelines. We froze while she ran her little butt off up and down that field to score 9 times.  The final score was 9-3 and at the end, the other team was so frustrated they were resorting to violence to keep her back.  Once during a breakaway, the poor girl chasing her grabbed Hannah's penny to stop her.  Hannah scored anyway.

I'm looking forward to Spring when Micah will join her too.  It's the only time they will be on the same team and I relish the idea of one more season with only 2 games a Saturday as opposed to 3.

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