Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick or Treat

Like always, my kids were super psyched about trick-or-treat this year.  Seriously, their love of dress-up coupled with candy and staying out past dark, what's not to like?

We bought our pumpkins from a family farm on the way home from the Praise Peddler Festival a couple weeks ago.  Jason's was simply massive and when we carved it, I thought heavy machinery would be involved.

In the end, we decided that he needed to limit his creation to something with straight lines.  So, Jason created a Evil Robotic pumpkin, Micah made his a Scary pumpkin and Hannah did a Cute and Pretty pumpkin.

Costumes this year were pretty easy.  Micah went as Jango Fett, Hannah is Princess Jasmine and Jason was Ben Kenobi.  (Apparently, he felt the need to differentiate which era Kenobi he was.)  They had a great time and made a great haul of lots of sugary goodness.

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