Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Survival Kit

In the fourth grade, they study weather.  Jason has been at this since the start of the year and is finding it immensely fascinating.  They have moved on from basic weather and cloud types to extreme weather.  Stuff like lightening, storms, hurricanes and tornados.  We spent a whole evening talking about lightening strikes and what to do if you are caught out in lightening.  My advice was to come inside.

What's the point of all this?

Tonight's homework is to write a 10 item list for a survival kit.  I helped him brainstorm a couple, but the majority of the ideas were his.  

Jason's List
1- food (anyone who knows Jason know this would be the first thing on his list)
2 - flashlight and batteries
3 - radio
4 - water
5 - clothes
6 - blankets
7 - dry matches
8 - poncho
9 - first aid kit (started out as a bandaid, but we reasoned we night need a little more)
10 - Bible

It was the last one that killed me.  He just yelled out "Oh! I know!  A bible!"  

I think that some of this is sinking in. 

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