Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Roller Coaster of My Day (thus far)

So, after making the call to keep Micah home, I called the pediatrician and started rearranging childcare and carpools.

Once settled, I ran the kids to my dad who loves them in spite of goo and took off to observe one of the special education classrooms we are considering for Jason.  (I really liked it, but more on that later.)

Leaving the school, I called Andy to report on what I thought, picked up the kids form my dad and ran home.  GrumpyMicah was in full force, so I quickly settled him in front of the TV and packed Hannah a lunch for her to eat on the way to school since she would have to be picked up super early to accommodate our pediatrician appointment.

I grab some snacks for Micah, drag him screaming away from the TV to the car and pop a granola bar in  his mouth.

I'm running a couple minutes behind, but it's a sick appointment and those always run late anyway.  No biggie.

That is until I re-ended the car in front of me at a stop sign when my foot slipped.

Thankfully, no one was hurt, just startled.  We still had to call the cops and file a report though.  A ticket for $120 later, I'm back on the road, now extremely late for our appointment, but thankful our doctors office is so understanding.

GrumpyMicah is now accompanied by TearyMom to the Sick Room which is so crowded we had a hard time finding a place to sit.  Then I had to keep my sick grumpy kid from wandering and getting the germs of other sick grumpy kids, thus making him more grumpy.

Finally, we were called.  However, not before I had to call the other school I was visiting and cancel my observation of that class.  Micah has a bad sinus/ear infection that is draining into his chest.  Not good, but treatable with anti-biotics.

We leave, stop by a drive through as it is nearly 2 and neither of us have had lunch and run home.  I'm here for just a few minutes before I have to run out again for my car pool pick-up duties.

Then, assuming we have no further complications, it's off to the pharmacy, homework, Jason's OT, dinner, family time then bed.

It's a wonder I get so little done during the day....

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