Sunday, October 4, 2009

Recovery and More

We're feeling better...finally.  I have to say that the flu is not much fun.  We've avoided it in recent years, but I guess this new strain is coming around earlier.  It's pretty possible that this is the H1N1 flu everyone has been so freaked out about, but as the Health Department is no longer testing and the doctors are simply telling you to stay home unless you meet certain criteria, we'll never know.  Either way, it was a bad case to have and we all feel thoroughly whooped.

I also think we may have over done it a bit today.  Andy has been painting the wood exterior of the house for about a month now and the weather has not been cooperating lately.  Today, he felt well enough to get the first coat on the front and garage door trim and I have to say, it looks great.  Jason even helped his dad by painting everything that didn't need a ladder.  Jason did a pretty good job although I don't think those clothes will be used for anything other than paint work again.

Hannah is making a turn for the better finally.  Yesterday we realized that she was developing a secondary infection from the flu.  We got fairly aggressive with the liquids and the steam to get the stuff in her chest moving.  No more fevers and she's coughing up whatever was in there.

Micah continues on his journey to be a TV Zombie.  It's hard to keep a really active boy like him still when they are sick, so I let the TV run for every hour we have been awake.  I took Hannah and him in a brisk walk around the block while the guys were painting.  I wanted to get them both moving and some fresh air.  Although the leaves are just now starting to change, it was neat to see the beginnings of fall. That and about an hour of playing with the neighbors was all it took to tucker them both out.

All in all, we feel better and are climbing out of the pit we've been in for the past few days.  Back to life we go.

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