Friday, October 23, 2009

Random Friday

I decided that since my life is insane and I'll start dedicating Friday's to those random bits of stuff that don't make a full post.  And really, my life and my Fridays are usually pretty random.

I think the biggest news of the week is my computer woes are soon to be solved.  I've been doing everything on Andy's laptop, which while functioning well, is not set up with my calendar, contacts and other bits of info necessary for me.  Well, TODAY, Andy is buying and bringing home the new family (MINE!) computer.  And get's a MAC!!!!  My mac died last fall and I have been making do on a pieced together Winbox for about a year now.  It's going to be great to be home again.

Micah continues to just make me both smile and cry all at once.  My baby is growing up FAST.  And the list of things he is behind on continues to dwindle.  He's such a BOY and a big one at that.  OT continues to go well and he is making great strides socially in preschool.  My only gripe is the potty training thing.  I don't think it's happening anytime soon.  He just doesn't KNOW when he has to go and has very little sensation when he does.  It's getting better, but I am really tired of paying for diapers.  Especially since they decreased the number in the box.  Ugh.

Hannah is just growing up to be such a neat kid.  She's still working hard on learning to read and write.  I'm constantly being given note and cards she made and am asked to help her read things she sees around her. This morning she copied "The Cat in the Hat" for a title of her drawing.  The drawing was of a cat IN a hat. And she talks ALL the time.  I'm told this is a trait she inherited from me.  All I can say now is..I'm sorry.

Jason's had a pretty good week overall.  We've had some miscommunication concerning homework and I think we need to change how his assignments are sent home.  He's working so hard to keep up in class, but I don't always get the full story at home.  Ah, the joys of language processing disorders.  I think the greatest thing is that he isn't taking his anger and frustration out on me any more.  He's starting to use some of those strategies we've been teaching him for dealing with his feeling on his own.  Things aren't perfect, but we're making progress.  He's a really fun kid too.  Very creative, kind and a joy to be with.

Andy is working really hard.  His boss is offering him a lot of overtime to make up for the statewide pay-cut our governor gave us.  The money helps, but it makes for long days for the both of us.  At home he's been trying out this cool swirled paint technique for the latest guitar he's building,  After a successful sample, he painted one of the kids pumpkins and a light switch.  Who knows what he'll paint next.  I think he'd do the front door if he could.

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